Candidate FAQ

Candidates' Frequently Asked Questions

Japanese Jobs finds employment for bilingual professionals who speak both Japanese and English. We use the power of the internet to help you achieve your career goals by making you available to a worldwide audience of companies who hire Japanese bilingual professionals. Registering with Japanese Jobs is free and when you register with our service, you will make yourself available to quality organizations across the globe. Even if you do not wish to actively seek employment, by registering, you make yourself available to better career opportunities and gain the opportunity of more rapid advancement in your chosen field.

How do I use Japanese Jobs to find a Job?

If you are seeking employment, or merely wish to make yourself available to new bilingual career opportunities, Japanese Jobs can help you. First, you should subscribe to our mailing list to receive job announcements. Second, you should submit your resume to our resume database so that it can be viewed by hiring companies. You will be directly contacted by the hiring company only. All Japanese Jobs services are free to bilingual Japanese job candidates.

Who will see my resume?

Your resume is absolutely confidential. The only two people who will see your resume is one member of our staff and the human resource contact at the hiring company.

Is this going to cost me money?

No. All Japanese Jobs services are completely free to all job candidates.

What is the mailing list?

The mailing list is a list of e-mail addresses of individuals with common skill sets. When you subscribe to the mailing list, your e-mail address will be placed on the list you specify and then you will be e-mailed job openings as soon as they are available. You can apply for the jobs you receive via e-mail. The mailing list is an excellent way to keep up to date on what jobs are available in your field without searching.

Is your mailing list secure?

All Japanese Jobs mailing lists are completely secure. We do not allow the e-mail addresses of our members to be seen or distributed in any way.

What is the resume database?

The resume database is a collection of resumes of Japanese Jobs members. We keep these resumes for viewing by hiring companies.

How will I be contacted?

You will only be contacted when a hiring company wishes to speak with you. They will call you at home unless otherwise requested.