Employer FAQ

Employers' Frequently Asked Questions

Japanese Jobs offers employers access to a global community of bilingual Japanese speaking professionals at a fraction of what it costs to use recruiters or other forms of advertising. Japanese Jobs is 100% internet based, which means that the cost and time to transmit information is lower than any other means of advertisement. Our services also target a very specific market, which means that you advertise only to qualified bilingual Japanese/English individuals.

What is Japanese Jobs?

Japanese Jobs is a community of bilingual professionals seeking information on career opportunities in every major professional field. Our service provides high quality employees from areas including engineering, programming, accounting, translation and all areas in between. We offer access to this community to employers who need a Japanese bilingual professional.

To use Japanese Jobs to locate a bilingual job candidate, you can either immediately submit a job listing, or contact our sales department.

How does it work?

When you submit a job listing, we will e-mail the listing to one or more of our targeted e-mail lists of Japanese speaking professionals. Interested candidates will email their resumes to us, which we will in turn forward to you. We will also search our resume database for qualified resumes and forward these to you via email as well. You may then contact the job candidates directly and at your convenience.

Why is it a better hiring alternative?

Our service is a better hiring alternative than newspaper ads because newspapers are generally not targeted enough to produce results when hiring bilinguals. Our service costs about the same as an ad in the New York Times, but produces many more resumes. The only other alternative is to use a recruiter, and while recruiters generally produce results, they are also quite costly. The internet now provides a low cost alternative which is as effective as it is efficient. Use of email allows your job listing to be sent to a large number of qualified candidates with unsurpassed speed and since all our candidates are bilingual Japanese professionals who have specifically requested to receive job information through our service, our response rate is excellent.

How much is this going to cost?

The fee for using Japanese Jobs is $495 per job listing.

When you submit a job we will bill you at the address you provide. There are no paper forms to fill out and you don't need a credit card. Simply submit a job listing using the online form.